IRISO SEIMITSU Inc. has opened a branding site to share "Wow!"of machining craftsmanship. We are happy to be of help with the branding. English version coming up very soon!
The owner of a hair salon SALON DE JOLIERSE cares so much for the clients, and developed shampoo and treatment after trial and error of 3 years. How can we not get involved? There is youtube, too! (Sorry Japanese only.)
Here are the 3 free apps well received. Aren't Edokomon beautiful? Thank you, everyone!
HIROSE DYEWORKS received an offer to come up with a pattern and color that best match those involved in the film "Les Miserables," and dye stoles for them. This selection process itself is called "MITATE," and is one Japanese traditional craftsmanship. Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, director Tom Hooper, and producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh received the one-and-only hand-dyed stole, with intricate designs. Yes we were excited to hear that they loved it! (Sorry, no photos, but Anne Hathaway has kindly worn it on the day of premiere in Japan!)